The World's First Smart, 3-in-1
Heater, Light Tower & Generator

Meet the Award Winning, High Performance, Ultra-Efficient Heater, Light Tower & Generator.

Thermal Intelligence’s range of next-generation, high-performance flameless heaters deliver superior heating and cost efficiency, and are cleaner and safer than competing combustion heaters, and BASECAMP has a built in Light Tower & Generator.

Two Different Sizes. The Same Revolutionary Performance. 

Basecamp industrial smart heater light tower and generator


BASECAMP delivers market leading efficiency as a Flameless Heater, provides a 360° LED lighting package and 27kW of available power generation.

BASECAMP boasts 97% heating efficiency and 48 hours of continuous runtime. 

At a dry weight(no fuel or oil) of 4550lbs (2067 kg), it has a diesel capacity of 450 liters (118.8 US gallons).  The Kubota 2.4 Litre Electronic Tier 4 Final engine is complemented by an air-to-air exhaust heat exchanger, primed for optimal performance.

Featured on: EARTH with John Holden

Thermal Intelligence is proud to announce that our flagship product BASECAMP (a Green Certified 3-in-1 Heater, Light Tower & Generator) was featured in the world-renowned television series ‘EARTH with John Holden’. 


As a six-time Emmy Award winner John Holden takes viewers around the globe to showcase companies with eco-friendly initiatives and highlights the ways businesses around the globe are protecting the environment with their commitment to creating a better world.


BASECAMP XL strikes the perfect balance between size and performance. Just one of these units replaces three  traditional Indirect Flamed Heaters, one Generator and one Light Tower. 

BASECAMP XL boasts 97% heating efficiency and a run-time of over 48 hours, and is the best performing industrial heaters of its size. 

The Kubota 3.8 Litre Electronic Tier 4 Final engine combines perfectly with simplified controls and an air-to-air exhaust heat exchanger to create a seamless heating experience. It has a diesel capacity of 680 liters (179.6 US gallons).

Basecamp XL: industrial 3-in1 heater, light tower and generator

Premium Features - Included

BASECAMP, our Smart 3-in-1 Flameless Heater, Light Tower & Generator includes premium features at no additional charge, which include:

SmartTalk Wireless Technology monitors & controls your equipment 24/7 for any items of concern: engine faults, low fuel, or failure to maintain remote thermostat set points are just a few of the factory installed SmartTalk presets. Say goodbye to endlessly patrolling your heaters for issues.

A simple and intuitive interface that will successfully serve the needs of all applications.

Cut refueling costs in half by combining our ultra efficient platform with a perfectly sized onboard fuel tank.

Recirculation is one way we achieve heater efficiency: our heaters draw in air from the heated environment. They’ll even draw waste heat from one area and repurpose it to another area. This feature can easily increase efficiencies by up to 46%.

Our customers asked for more visibility and more light to
simplify working in dark conditions.

With the addition of power generation in the Basecamp you can provide your worksite with (3) Twist Locks — 30 Amp and (3) GFI 20 Amp 120v power.

Providing you with extra oil, oil and fuel filters, and spare belts when you are operating in the field.

Even in extreme cold weather, your heater will start when you need it to.

Effortlessly set the right temperature for projects like grout, concrete, or even manpower, which have a specific range of optimal temperatures. With a remote thermostat, you now have “Set-it & Forget it” convenience.

*Requires the purchase of a Wi-Fi Remote Probe

By tightly controlling the combustion process, our modern electronic engines allow for longer life spans and longer
intervals between service. The electronics also continuously monitor engine safety, greatly reducing risk.

Know what’s going on with your heater, with a single, simple glance. Green means the heat is on. Yellow means the heat is on, but needs help. Red means unit down. Simple as that.

Wheel chocks are required for safety, and there’s no point in having them if you can’t find them. That’s why we built custom holders for them on each and every heater.

With the Basecamp heater, quality doesn’t stop with what’s on the inside. Our weather-resistant paint, and tough-as-nails construction, ensures your heaters will last through many tough winters to come.

The nature of temporary heat is that jobs are always changing. That’s why we recommend storing ducting on the unit where you know you’re going to need it. One less thing to forget, and one less thing to find a place for.

Fork Pockets

Chargeable Options

Every BASECAMP has a number of additional options, build the perfect machine for your application. 

Replacing ducting every year is a thing of the past, thanks
to our custom-made, battle-tested Alpine ducting series.
Our standard ducting kit for each heater includes:

• (4) 25’ sections of 12” Alpine ducting
• (1) 10’ section of Alpine ducting
• (1) Alpine Fabric Splitter (Y)

Worksites are often overheated to offset falling outdoor temperatures and mitigate risk of heater failure. This significantly increases heat loss and fuel costs.

Save on fuel and reduce risk of heater failure with remote temperature control and monitoring. Monitor heater performance from anywhere, and set your temperature exactly where you need it.

Maintain worksite safety with an automatic valve to help prevent engine overspeed by cutting off air supply.

With our extended service package you can eliminate
in-season oil changes and reduce the risk of equipment downtime by maintenance being missed.

Worksites are too often dark and poorly lit leaving dark spots
for your workers and equipment. This option provides your worksite with a 25’ telescoping light tower and 192,000 lumens of 360° lighting.

Preventing contaminants from entering the heater cabinet during travel and storage is the simplest way to avoid unnecessary equipment depreciation.

Choice of: 2 5/16 Ball, Pintle, Thumb and Pin.

20lb Fire Extinguisher, Mount and Cover

BASECAMP - Heater, Light Tower & Generator

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