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Everyone loves smartTalk
wireless technology.

Engine faults, low fuel, or failure to maintain remote thermostat set points are just a few of the factory installed SmartTalk presets. Knowledge is power and SmartTalk lets you take the focus off of winter, and back onto delivering the project on time and on a budget!

The result: Peace of mind for both you and your team that even when Mother Nature shows her cold side, the heat will be on.

The Power of SmartTalk


Stop the Angry
Phone Calls

It’s after hours and you get the
call – “Equipment is Down”, no one knows why, but now it’s your

SmartTalk detects a system
anomaly and before performance is affected works to independently
resolve the issue. If the condition
persists it asks for assistance.
100% uptime is maintained.


Customer tries to start the
unit 29 times in a row and burns out
the starter before realizing there is
no fuel in the unit. They quickly fill
it with fuel before calling you to let
you know it won’t start. You fix it,
or replaced it, but either way you

SmartTalk prevents the unit
from starting without fuel.

Build Raving Fans Based on
Unparalleled SERVICE – BE THE HERO

Heater over temps and shuts down… no one notices and in the morning the building is frozen and the tarp has blown away. The customer calls pissed off because the unit doesn’t work. You send a mechanic but he can’t find anything wrong at all. You pay for the service call and process a credit for absolutely no
reason at all.

Unit over temps on-site and shuts down… no one notices. You receive a SmartTalk notification stating “Unit Not Operational – Engine Over Temp” and quickly look at the diagnostics dashboard. You call the customer and ask them to see if there is anything restricting the air flow of the unit. They find a tarp that was sucked into the air inlet. The customer removes the tarp and the unit returns to normal operations. They thank you and you lock up their future business.

Let SmartTalk do the work

of 10 men or women

Engine Derates Due to Excessive Idling 

Downtime, delays, and expensive manpower to clear the fault… Lost revenue, lost margin, and most importantly, lost confidence in your company.

SmartTalk identifies the condition BEFORE it derates and automatically applies the load to clear the fault.

Equipment is filled with bad fuel

Unit fails and it is down for an extended period of time before anyone notices:

  • Customer calls angry and wants a new unit

  • Your tech identifies the problem as bad fuel and the customer tells you everything else works just fine.

  • You credit the customer and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Before performance is affected SmartTalk senses restriction in the fuel
filtration and recommends a fuel filter replacement. The user locates the onboard
spare filter and maintains 100% uptime.

Customer runs unit out of fuel
and now it won’t start

Engine is starved of fuel and contaminants on the bottom of the tank are sucked into the fuel system. The unit either needs to be repaired or replaced at YOUR cost.

SmartTalk notifies the user before the fuel levels are critically low, and again when the fuel is critically low. If the unit is not fueled it automatically initiates a structured shutdown to prevent the engine from being starved of fuel.

Customer repeatedly uses the emergency shut down button to turn the unit off

Everyone always uses the emergency shut down and your equipment depreciation is accelerated by 25%. You incur unnecessary repairs, equipment downtime and your ROI is significantly reduced.

SmartTalk immediately notifies you and your clients rental manager. The user is instructed to only use the
emergency shut down in emergencies. You choose to
forgive the charge as long as it doesn’t happen again.
Your customer thanks you for your help and your equipment integrity is preserved.


SmartTalk records and reports all operating data including fuel efficiency and SmartProbe temperature logs. If your customer wants proof that you are doing the best possible job…now you can prove it!

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