Basecamp is a new Ultra Efficient heater, exclusively by Thermal Intelligence. It uses less fuel, lowers operating costs, and greatly reduces your carbon footprint. Basecamp delivers heat so well you can replace up to three traditional indirect flamed heaters with only one.

Add a Generator and Light Tower to the solution and you can displace two other pieces of equipment, furthering the reduction in fuel and operating costs. Gone are the days of overcrowded worksites!

The result? $121, 800 per season in fuel savings.

"The Thermal Intelligence team are the undisputed leaders in temporary heat."
Larry Malekoff, Completions Superintendent, ConocoPhillips

“After being in charge of extreme-cold construction sites for 10 years – my partner and I saw a problem: Heaters.”

Industrial Heaters eat fuel like it’s their purpose in life. They break down constantly, creating massive project risks.

And they run on ancient technology that’s simply unreliable.

We started Thermal Intelligence to solve these problems once and for all – giving you a safe, cost-efficient, reliable heater you can trust. 

You have enough on your mind in managing tough-weather projects. You shouldn’t have to worry about consistent delivery of heat.

Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready, schedule a call with my team.

We’d love to learn all about you and your needs, and tell you how Basecamp, our new industrial flameless heater can help.

To less risk, more budget, and more safety.

Designed to be the Most Risk-Free Flameless Heaters in the World,
Thanks to Our Wireless SmartTalk Technology.

Basecamp is an flameless industrial heater, our heaters pose no risk of fire, and produce safe breathable air for worksites. But we didn’t stop there…

Rather than endlessly patrolling your heaters, checking for problems, our heaters tell you before something goes wrong through our SmartTalk wireless alert system.

The exact moment there’s an issue – you’ll be notified by our central dispatch telling you what happened, when and where.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for an issue. With our revolutionary heaters, they’re extremely rare.

Learn More About Reducing Risk

Incredibly Cost-Efficient.

Basecamp can replace 2.5 traditional indirect flamed heaters, one Generator and one Light Tower all while burning 78% less fuel.

In fact, you can save 121, 800 Litres of fuel per season, for each one of our machines that you buy!

There’s only one question: What will you do with all that extra budget?

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So Reliable, You’ll Forget They’re Even There.

So Reliable, You’ll Forget They Are Even There.

Traditional industrial heaters — even the flameless ones — are powered by outdated technology. They break down regularly and need constant maintenance & refuelling, keeping you on edge, waiting for the next problem to arise.

But our heaters are powered by state-of-the-art systems, and operate up to 75% longer without needing service.

The result? Less maintenance costs. More peace of mind.

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As Powerful as it Gets.

Up to 2200 CFM of raw heat, delivered up to 300 feet away, with 97% efficiency.

Discover how Thermal Intelligence heaters were designed to be powerful, high-performing machines like never before.

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Discover 10 Key Features

Discover 10 Key Features

Want the quick low-down? Click now for a list of 10 of the key defining, revolutionary features of our amazing line of heaters:

Discover 10 Key Features Now

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
Steve Jobs

Discover the Difference

View the top ways our heaters simply blow away the competition - saving you money, and giving you peace of mind.
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Discover the story of our new breed of ultra-efficient industrial heat... and why we started Thermal Intelligence in the first place.
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Discover the story of our new breed of ultra-efficient industrial heat... and why we started Thermal Intelligence in the first place.
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Thermal Intelligence continues to deliver the largest leaps in heating technology. By turning an ultra efficient heater into a smart device – we have brought the modern age to your worksite.

With SmartTalk you truly work smarter not harder.

Now, not only can you monitor multiple temperature sensors, current performance, fuel levels, and control the equipment from your smartphone, but you will be notified 24/7 of any potential system interruptions.

Our proprietarySmartTalk platform is designed to eliminate labor associated with monitoring heaters. SmartTalk monitors all primary systems 24/7 delivering real time alerts if set points cannot be achieved, or if any potential trouble is on the horizon.

Consolidated “Uptime” reports are generated weekly for your entire fleet with the ability to view any of the weeks service interruptions. Systems data is than used to optimize equipment performance and enhance the ongoing engineering of the heaters.

Absolutely! We’d love nothing more than to demo our Basecamp flameless heaters for you in person.

We can also answer any questions you have about your specific heating applications too.

Head on over to our contact page to schedule a time.

Yes, our heaters really are that efficient.

So why aren’t all heaters that efficient?

From our extensive time in this industry, the answer boils down to dollars and cents: The companies who have the most market share haven’t had any real competition. So they haven’t had to change or evolve.

We don’t believe that’s a good way to do business though.

We believe that if a better option exists, it’s our duty to do everything in our power to present you with it.

Because they wouldn’t evolve – we did. And now, as a result, you get a far more cost-efficient and risk-friendly heater.

Write, call, send a messenger pigeon! Whatever is most comfortable to you.

Head on over to our contact page for all of our contact info. Reach out any time. We’ll reply fast.

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