Reliability in heating has a new standard.

The Basecamp saves our project money on a daily basis and puts more cash to the bottom line. Thermal Intelligence has created the new standard for temporary heat, power and lights on a construction site. Doug Shea, Construction Site Manager – Rescom Inc.

The Reliability Problem We Solved

When working in extreme cold conditions – heat is everything.

But if your heater is always breaking down, then it’s just one more stress on your mind.

Your job is hard enough as it is. Cold-weather projects are full of risk and stress.

That’s why we asked ourselves:

What if your heaters… just worked? What if they didn’t need service every month? What if you never had to even think or worry about them ever again, because they simply did their job without a hitch?

Those are the questions we aimed to solve. And we solved them, with flying colors, heating your job site more reliably than ever.

Our heaters last up to 6x as long without needing service.

Current popular heaters need service and repairs every 500 hours, or 20.8 days.

Ours last 3000 hours without a hitch. That means they last all season without needing any service or repairs.

Why? It’s simple: Our heaters use newer, more innovative, more reliable technology. The competition doesn’t.

Get heat, faster and when you need it.

Our smallest heater delivers more heat than our competition’s largest heaters.

Here’s how:

Your current heaters might produce heat – but only 1/3 of that is actually making it to the intended destination.

The other 2/3 are lost due to insufficient static pressure to actually deliver the heat.

Our heaters ramp things up: For starters, they produce more heat. Next, they deliver it more reliably with 97% efficiency.

While their heaters lose 2/3 of the heat, ours retain up to 95% of it.

You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level. Albert Einstein

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