What are the benefits of SmartTalk Technology?

SmartTalk is our proprietary IOT (Internet of Things) platform designed to eliminate the labor associated with monitoring heaters. SmartTalk monitors all primary systems 24/7, and delivers real-time alerts if set points can’t be achieved or if it senses any trouble.

Consolidated “Uptime” reports are also generated weekly for your entire fleet, with the ability to review any of the week’s service interruptions. In this way, systems data is used to optimize equipment performance and enhance the ongoing engineering of our heaters. Our heaters send wireless alerts to you and your team the moment there’s a problem in the field.

This means you can stay focused on solving problems and keeping your project on time and on-budget. Click here for more features of our revolutionary heaters.

How do I use the BTU Heating Calculator?

You need to know 3 things:

1. The size of the space you are heating
2. The approximate R values of the structures’ surfaces (even if it’s just a tarp)
3. How “airtight” the structure is. This is essentially an understanding of how much air will escape from the structure in any given hour.

The difference between a hoarding tarp and a sealed room is considerable. Once you have that data, use our BTU Heating Calculator to estimate your heating needs. 

If you would like advanced features including the outside seasonal temperatures for your project and “Bid” ready outputs, simply register for FREE and become a Thermal Intelligence Insider. You will receive access to ongoing resources to make sure you always stay ahead of the competition.

Laerdal Tunnel in Norway - the longest road tunnel in the world

Are there ways to improve heating effectiveness?

Absolutely – we built our entire business around it. There are 4 key areas to look at:

1. Creation: Legacy heat technology transfers only a fraction of the BTUs created to the end-user. Superior heat generation technologies are optimized to thrust all available BTUs to their desired location. This efficiency is the cornerstone of substantial monetary savings, as it greatly reduces the input energy cost.

2. Distribution: The performance of any thermal system is judged by its ability to reliably deliver heat to a target destination. This universal benchmark was the inspiration for developing our proprietary “Jet Stream” heat distribution model – pushing heat further and faster to make sure you get the heat when you need it, where you need it.

3. Preservation: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” As with Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote, we know it is easier to preserve heat than to create it. By focusing on eliminating loss throughout the entire system, our ultra-efficient heater requires less energy.

4. Optimization: Gone are the days when heat is managed by people yelling “pour on the coals!” Smart, dynamic systems are capable of measuring, delivering, monitoring, and optimizing every aspect of a Thermal system, leading to a robust, reliable, repeatable, and optimized operation. Goodbye winter chill… Hello, heat!

How do I organize a free consultation with a qualified heating expert to review my project?

If you can share your project specifications in advance, we’ll have a solution ready by the time we talk. Click here to schedule a time that fits your schedule.

(Did we mention our Chief Scientist is a Ph.D Physicist who has worked with NASA?)