SmartTalk monitors & controls your heaters 24/7, and alerts you via SMS, email, and phone before there's a problem with any of them – reducing risk, increasing safety, and eliminating the need to manually patrol the heaters yourself.

How it Works

  • SmartTalk automatically monitors & logs your equipment performance 24/7.
  • If a heater fails, or is about to fail, SmartTalk lets you know instantly through SMS, phone, and email.

What it Does

Monitor & Control:

  • 24/7 remote monitoring keeps an eye on your equipment.


  • Tracks & logs required maintenance, and lets you know when maintenance is required.


  • Weekly reports are auto-generated showing uptime, downtime, SmartTalk notifications, and maintenance milestones.

Monitor & Control

Respond Instantly to Heater Downtime:

  • SmartTalk instantly notifies you when a problem occurs, or if SmartTalk predicts that a problem is imminent.
  • This enables your team to respond immediately to the issue at hand, and get you back to full operation ASAP. Prolonged heater downtime is now a thing of the past.

24/7 Remote Monitoring & Control:

  • SmartTalk never stops listening as long as it has connectivity. It’s always ready to report a problem, day or night.

24/7 Equipment Status Updates:

  • Check on your equipment any time and get real-time status updates. Take comfort in knowing that if the situation changes, you’ll be alerted ASAP


Monitors & Logs Maintenance Milestones:

  • Factory pre-set maintenance standards are programmed into SmartTalk. When maintenance is required / imminent, SmartTalk lets you know, and you can dispatch a crew to the exact heater in need.
  • Then, when maintenance is complete, it can be logged into SmartTalk and the cycle reset, so you’re always prepared.
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Weekly Reports for Faster, More Precise Action:

  • Every week, key stakeholders of your choosing receive the following reports:
    • Uptime,
    • calculated run time,
    • Downtime, and scheduled maintenance requirements.
  • Also included is a list of all SmartTalk alarms/notifications that have been triggered in the past week.
  • With this information, you can spot trends and potential risks with certain units and strike before a problem arises. You can also use this report to dispatch maintenance crews to only the units requiring service.
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