"The difference between heat… and optimized heat… can be saving millions of dollars. By turning heat into a science, Thermal Intelligence has removed cost, AND RISK, from working in cold conditions."
Adrian Banica, Executive in Residence, TEK Edmonton
Replace Up to 4 Pieces of Equipment With 1


Discover how our heaters can help you save on fuel, equipment monitoring & servicing. 


Our heaters last longer without scheduled maintenance, and give you the heat you need, when you need it.
Industrial Heater for winter worksites

Traditional heaters pose serious risks to cold weather job sites. Ours go above and beyond — including a wireless alert system — to greatly decrease risk, and increase safety.

Performance & Power

Yes, our machines save you money. Yes, they’re ultra-efficient beasts. But they’re also backed with raw, high-performing power.

Industrial Heater for winter worksites

Get a quick breakdown of 10 of the most revolutionary features of our ultra-efficient, high-powered heaters.

"Thermal Intelligence uses technology to continually evolve and deliver... more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and operationally-superior solutions."
Bill Durrand, B. Comm, CPA, CA, CISA, CISM

Discover the Difference

View the top ways our heaters simply blow away the competition - saving you money, and giving you peace of mind.
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From insightful articles on industrial heat to Q&As with our in-house Ph.D., we've got great resources to help you and your team. Click Now
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Our Story

Discover the story of our new breed of ultra-efficient industrial heat... and why we started Thermal Intelligence in the first place.
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Learn more about our brand new, innovative Flameless Heater, Generator & Light Tower.
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