10 of the Most Powerful, Innovative Features of Our Revolutionary Heaters

The Thermal Intelligence team not only has the best possible equipment solutions… they have proven that they understand field support… and deliver on all fronts. Jason Eveleigh, Assistant Foreman, CNRL

1. SmartTalk Wireless Technology

You’ve got enough problems without endlessly checking heaters only to confirm they are working normally.

Let’s save you time and money by only telling you when and where there’s a problem – the moment it happens. Our SmartTalk wireless alert system accomplishes just that.  

Whether you choose to alert your team, or the Thermal Intelligence 24/7 dispatch, you can rest easy knowing your project is protected from winter risk.

Engine faults, low fuel condition, or failure to maintain remote thermostat set points are just a few of the factory installed SmartTalk presets. Knowledge is power… and SmartTalk lets you take the focus off of winter, and back onto delivering the project on time and on budget.

2. Ultra-Efficient Electromagnetic Heat Generation

Electromagnetic fields are one of four fundamental forces in nature.

By harnessing the strength of this formidable source of power we have created an ultra-efficient flameless heater with extraordinary performance.

Our technology uses a non-ferrous disk spinning between two opposing magnetic fields. This process disrupts the eddy fields of the magnets causing resistance which makes a tremendous amount of clean, dry heat. Ultra-efficient, fluid free, and flameless. Leading the heating industry with relentless innovation and superior performance.

3. Superior "JetStream" Heat Delivery System

Creating heat efficiently is only half the battle. What matters most is the heat that actually arrives at its intended destination.

The remarkable “JetStream” heat delivery system is what happens when field experience meet NASA type Ph.D.s.

Establishing the “Trifecta” of optimal heater performance, the “JetStream” delivers the ideal combination of Temp Rise, CFM, and Static Pressure. Each variable significant in its own right, brought together for peak heating performance.

Eliminate the risk of mother nature’s cold side with the powerful, reliable, and unsurpassed performance of the Northern Shields “JetStream” heat delivery system.

4. 48-Hour Consecutive Run time

Would you rather fuel heaters twice a day or once every 2 days?

We think fueling heaters every day is a waste of time and money. We hope you think so too… so lets cut those re-fueling costs in half.

5. Power Shield Package

“I need more power, Scotty!” Captain Kirk would have installed this on the Starship Enterprise if he could.

We’ve already doubled the cold cranking amps with 2 premium starter batteries installed standard from the factory. This option adds the protection of a preinstalled battery “Genius” to make sure your batteries can be maintained indefinitely just by plugging the heater into shore power.

Whether it’s just a week of extreme cold during Christmas break, or the extended off season, you’ll always be operating at full power.

6. Defcon 1 Defense Package

Defcon 1 is defined by the United States Department of Defense as “Maximum Readiness”. That’s why we’re giving you the first ever option to have built in video capabilities on the heater controls. A simple upgrade to assist with loss prevention, foul play, or just to see who is making unauthorized changes to the heater.

7. Extended Service Interval Saves Money

Servicing equipment just takes time and money away from creating value on your project.

That’s why as a standard feature our equipment has an extended service interval of 2,000 hrs.  That’s 4 to 8 times longer that our competition.

So that’s 4 to 8 times the cost savings for you!

Plus as requested from the field, we have included an onboard storage for the consumables required for the 2,000 hour service. So Northern Shield heaters leave the yard ready for 4,000 hours of service.

8. Simplified Controls

Everyone likes simple until they need a custom setting. That’s why we give you the best of both worlds:

A simple and intuitive interface that will successfully serve the needs of most applications.  

But if you are the exception to the rule, rest assured… we have you covered.  A fully accessible secondary screen gives you the power to make custom adjustments to the heater performance.

As simple or as custom as you need to make sure you get the right heat for the job.

9. Tri-Color Beacon

A visual cue is still the most effective way to confirm a piece of equipment is running optimally… or in need of attention.

That’s why we include a standard Tri-Color beacon.

Green means… The heat is on.  Yellow means… The heat is on but I need help.  Red means… unit down.  

Technology is great – but often the most efficient solution is simply alerting workers near the unit to give it the attention it needs.

10. Aluminum Side Panels & Custom Premium Paint

We work with big, bold, proud brands, and we think you should have your colors on your equipment.

With 120 days advance orders we custom color the equipment to your specifications (no charge).

To minimize the cost of annual cosmetic refinishing, and to make sure your gear always looks the best it can, we use corrosion resistant aluminum side panels. One of many industry firsts we’ve introduced.

We also use high quality finishes to make sure your equipment reflects your brand long after its done a tour of duty in the field.

Rock guard on exposed surfaces and corrosion resistant latches and hinges are another investment we make in keeping your Northern Shield heaters looking like the premium equipment it is.  Your equipment never looked so good.

We don't simply act like we're making a difference - we make one. Brian Tiedemann, CEO, Thermal Intelligence

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