Using Industrial Waste Heat to Double Your Efficiencies, Dramatically Reducing Fuel Costs

Thermal Intelligence's 3-in-1 BASECAMP – Heater, Light Tower & Generator,  optimizes waste heat recovery to deliver unparalleled efficiencies.

Know Better Industrial Waste Heat Recovery SAVE's Cost!

If you had an opportunity to invest $1 in the stock market and be guaranteed a 33% return, or a 97% return, which one would you choose?

Because that is the same choice you now have with the ultra-efficient 3-in-1 BASECAMP.

Did you know that generators and light towers are only 1/3 efficient at converting the fuel into usable power output?  On other Light Tower/Generators, only 1/3 of the input energy of the fuel is converted into mechanical horsepower on the shaft. 1/3 is lost to radiant heat off the engine and 1/3 is lost out the exhaust stack.

However, Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP utilizes what other equipment wastes, and turns it into a powerful heating deliverable that's Clean, Dry, Hot, & remarkably efficient in industrial waste heat recovery. 

Before a 66% loss on a light tower or generator was acceptable as there were no good alternatives… so as they say ignorance was bliss.  But with new proven technologies, the future is not only better, but cheaper. 

Increase your return on industrial heating investment. Guaranteed.

Take a look around your site… everywhere you see a light tower or generator working, understand that 2/3 of the fuel input going in is being lost to the ambient environment.

Another way to think of it is for every $100 of fuel you invest, you lose $66 with no benefit being generated for you or your worksite.

Where else can you be guaranteed to increase your return on investment by over 60%? 

How long are you going to wait to make the decision?  Stop wasting your money, and contact us today.