BASECAMP Awarded Green Seal Certification

BASECAMP Awarded Green Seal Certification

Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP is the first-ever construction equipment to achieve the GREEN SEAL Standard.

EDMONTON, AB, Oct. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On October 13, 2021, Thermal Intelligence’s BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL earned global nonprofit Green Seal’s coveted Certification of Environmental Innovation for their revolutionary ultra-efficient temporary heating, power generation, and lighting products. Combining heat, power, and lights into one SMART Connected piece of equipment allows the tremendous waste from traditional light towers and generators to be preserved and optimized for temporary heat.

GREEN Seal - Awarding Winning - Fan Favorite - BASECAMP by Thermal Intelligence
Smart - Connected - CleanTech - BASECAMP by Thermal Intelligence
Smart – Connected – CleanTech – BASECAMP by Thermal Intelligence

Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation certification verifies the innovative aspects of a product result in a significant reduction of environmental impacts compared to competing products.

“Being awarded the Green Seal certification exemplifies Thermal Intelligence’s commitment to delivering positive change to industry and the world,” says Brian Tiedeman, the company’s CEO. “Achieving ultra-efficient standards is the first step in realizing a sustainable GREEN transition. Combined with a SMART connected platform the BASECAMP meets the mandate of being a superior & lowest cost solution.” 

Made possible by a patent-pending design, BASECAMP and BASECAMP XL Smart 3-in-1 Heater, Light Tower, and Generator achieve an estimated 50-66% reduction in fuel use while delivering the same useable outputs.

About Thermal Intelligence: Thermal Intelligence is a Canadian-based manufacturer of Smart-Connected, CleanTech equipment.

About Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program: Green Seal’s Environmental Innovation Program is designed for manufacturers striving to advance product innovation for environmental good. The program allows manufacturers pioneering the integration of leading-edge design and performance aspects into their products to earn recognition for their innovations through a rigorous 3rd party certification. Find Innovation Certified products and learn more about the Environmental Innovation Program here.

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