Use Recirculation...
To Increase Efficiency & Decrease Costs!

One simple change can Reduce Risks and Lower the Cost of your temporary heat program. If you aren't Recirculating, you are literally forcing the heat out of your structure!

Heaters must have (3) characteristics to Recirculate:

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Industrial heat recirculation to increase efficiency and decrease cost

One simple change can lower costs and reduce the risks of your temporary heat program…

You wouldn't heat your house by using outside cold air… and you shouldn't heat your worksite like that either. 

If you aren't recirculating your temporary heat, you are creating positive air pressure that is literally forcing the heat out of your structures. That creates a massive inefficiency and an unnecessary, hefty fuel bill.
Recirculation eliminates that inefficiency, offers substantial protection from changing outside temperatures, and in turn, big fuel savings.

We can all agree the less you have to heat cold air the better. So get creative and find any source of warm air and use it.

If you can't recirculate the heat from the heating destination, find waste heat from a pump shack, nearby equipment, or any other source of warm air.

For every degree you don't have to heat the air, your fuel burn goes down accordingly. 

So get saving, and start recirculating!

Did you know? In order to effectively recirc, the heater must have a rare combination of 3 specific capabilities.

1 – High static pressure – which is the ability to push AND pull the air. Low static pressure will not allow the unit to pull enough air to effectively circulate the air through the heater and back into the space.

2 – High CFM – the volume of air the heater moves, and a high CFM allows more air to be recirculated, effectively heating the space.

3 – The ability to operate with warm inlet temps – Some heaters over temp and shutdown if they don't have cold air coming in, fortunately the Basecamp was designed to achieve maximum efficiencies and can effectively operate with warm intake air no problem.

How to Utilize Recirculation

To utilize recirculation, run a duct into your space or to any source of warmer air, and connect it to the air inlet. That's it.

The difference is dramatic. Then watch in real time as your fuel burn drops… and so does your monthly bill.

Leveraging technology to drive savings is the only sustainable path forward. 

So the question for you is… when do we get started?  Contact us today to discuss further.