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Cut down your fuel costs by up to 75% -- the day your heaters arrive.

That's a big claim. We know. Here's the math to back it up:

Fuel Usage:
  • One of our heaters burns just 216L of fuel per day
  • The popular competitors' heaters burn up to 756L
    of fuel per day
  • That means they're costing you 541L of fuel per day!
Dollars and Cents:
  • Diesel fuel costs about $1 per liter
  • Their heat is costing you upwards of $756/day
  • Our Heat, Power & Lights costs just $215/day
  • That's a $541/day in savings on just one of our heaters

But maybe your site needs
10, 20, or 30 heaters.

When you multiply that $541/day savings by 30 days, you can save up to 1/2 million dollars per month on fuel, every single month!

1 heater
  • $541 day
  • or$16 230month
10 heaters
  • $5 410day
  • or$162 300month
20 heaters
  • $10 820day
  • or$324 600month
30 heaters
  • $16 300day
  • or$489 000month

Save up to 50% on refueling costs - and free up your team at the same time.

Because current heaters require constant re-fueling – they bog your team down. In fact, many sites have a constantly patrolling 2-person team whose only job is to re-fuel the heaters every day.

But what if you could free those team members up for bigger, better things? What more could you accomplish?

With it, you only have to refuel every 48 hours. Compare that to virtually every competitor whose units need to be refueled every 24 hours or less.

And because you’re using your manpower more effectively – you’re effectively saving more money on manpower

Save over 75% on
scheduled maintenance costs.

At the rate that current heating equipment breaks down – or requires ongoing service just to operate – maintenance costs can be extreme.

In fact, service is needed every 250-500 hours on our most popular competitors’ heaters (which is about every 10-20 days).

Our heaters run 3, 000 hours, All Season, without needing any scheduled service.

That cuts your scheduled maintenance costs by over 75%, which means your project budget just got a major upgrade.

Even More Fuel Savings via Recirculation

Through a recirculation port, our heaters can draw heated air from inside the structure, as opposed to the colder outside air which then needs to be heated.

The result?

An instant 75% potential fuel savings.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Goethe

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