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Light towers follow technology, and with it, different applications or even a combination of uses. One company, Thermal Intelligence, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, offers BASECAMP, a smart 3-in-1 heater, light tower, and generator.

The product delivers efficiency as a flameless heater, provides a 360-degree LED lighting package and 27kW of available power. The machine includes 2,500-hour service intervals and 24/7 remote monitoring and control. The equipment tells the user if there are any problems via a SmartTalk wireless alert system.

“By combining heat, power and lights, we have an incredibly versatile platform for almost any work site,” says Brian Tiedemann, director of innovation, Thermal Intelligence.

Tiedemann says combination packages, such as the BASECAMP model, gives end users the ability to drive operating costs way down while eliminating multiple pieces of equipment.

“From a rental company’s perspective, they can carry less overall inventory and do a better job of taking care of their clients,” Tiedemann says. “This is the first time a rental company can rent a heater year-round, because it can be used as a generator and light tower regardless of the temperature outside. Utilization is key to running a profitable rental business, and 3-in-1 products like BASECAMP offer three ways to rent the same piece of equipment.”

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