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Bring Smart Connected Equipment to Your Worksite

Competition has increased the demand for any technology that can help reduce costs. Smart Connected Equipment provides the opportunity to leverage technology to improve worksite performance, maximize uptime, and dramatically reduce operational costs.
One example of a new smart platform is BASECAMP, by Thermal Intelligence. It utilizes proprietary SmartTalk technology which provides 24/7 Remote Monitoring & Control. Rather than worrying about the next “Equipment Down!” call from a customer, BASECAMP will alert you in the comfort of your office long before anyone knows.

Minimize Downtime:

The integrated SmartTalk IoT system continuously monitors all engine codes, inputs, and deliverables, relentlessly searching for any inconsistency that could lead to an eventual failure. The goal is to isolate potential problems long before performance is impacted. To maximize uptime even further, a fully monitored extended service option pushes the service intervals to an industry leading 2,500 hours.

Intelligent Programming:

BASECAMP has been designed to resolve problems on its own. If the Tier 4 engine starts to wet stack, no problem. The programming recognizes the condition and self loads without anyone even knowing. Additionally, when outside temperatures change dramatically, with a Remote Probe the heater will automatically work as hard, or as little as necessary to make sure your SetPoint is always maintained.

Future Intelligence:

BASECAMP will soon have the ability to cross-reference the demand on the heater with local weather forecasts. In the event of an impending cold weather snap the heater will notify you days in advance if your current heating capacity is insufficient to maintain your Set Points during the cold weather event. BASECAMP will also monitor its battery & engine temperature and automatically maintains itself as required. It can be placed in stand-by mode and left unattended in the middle of a frozen field and still start on command.

If you are wondering how you can drive new business with Smart Connected Equipment, consider taking a close look at Thermal Intelligences 3-in-1 BASECAMP with SmartTalk. Virtual & In-Person Demonstrations are available.

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