Thermal Intelligence was able to offer me peace of mind, knowing that their Proheat will ensure my equipment is protected against the harsh winter conditions. It not only saves our company fuel costs, but also reduces our downtime by ensuring our equipment will always be ready for the job, no matter the conditions. Mackenzie Caron, Operations Supervisor, Inland Concrete


The Proheat X30 is the only variable BTU coolant heater on the market, from 10K-31K BTU 12 or 24 volt capacities. It has multiple operating modes to fit any application. Its timer gives you full control, supplying precise troubleshooting diagnostics.

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With an operating temperature up to 185ºF, the X30 burn cycle is shorter, consuming less power and fuel to get you the heat you need.

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Longer Lasting

With all parts of the X30 replaceable, the X30 can last longer than the average 1-2 years. Its’ smart design allows easy accessible for maintenance.

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Other Proheat Heater Options

We offer a wide range of heater options to meet your needs: Air Heaters, X45 Plus, M-Series, and MBU.


If you are in need of parts for any of the heaters listed above, get in touch with us.

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