1) How do I know how many BTU’s I require?

You need to know 3 things:

1) The size of the space you are heating

2) The approximate R valves of the structures surfaces (even if it’s just a tarp)

3) How “air tight” the structure is. Essentially how much air will ecsape from the structure in any given hour. The difference between a hording covered with a tarp and I sealed room is considerable.

Once you have that data use our BTU calculator to estimate your heating needs. If you would like advanced features including the outside seasonal temperatures for your project and “Bid” ready outputs, simply register for FREE and become one of our Thermal Intelligence Insiders. You will receive access to ongoing resources to make sure you always have the edge over your competition.

2) How do I get a free consultation with one of your qualified heating experts to review my project?

Click Here to schedule a time that works with your schedule. If you can share the details or your project in advance we’ll have the solution by the time we talk. (Did we mention our Chief Scientist is a Ph.D Physicist who has worked with N.A.S.A. )

What are you waiting for?

3) Are there ways to improve heating effectiveness?

Absolutely… and we built our entire business around it!

There are 4 key areas we look at:

1. Creation:

Legacy heat technology transfers only a fraction of the BTU’s created to the end user.

Superior heat generation technologies are optimized to thrust all available BTU’s to their desired location. This efficiency is the cornerstone of substantial monetary savings by substantially reducing the input energy cost.

2. Distribution:

The performance of any thermal system is ultimately judged by its ability to reliably deliver the necessary heat to the essential destination.

That universal benchmark was the inspiration for developing our proprietary “Jet Stream” heat distribution model. Pushing heat further, and faster, to make sure you get the heat when you need it… where you need it!

3. Preservation:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” Similar to Benjamin Franklin’s famous quote… we know it is easier to “Preserve” heat then “Create” it.

By focusing on eliminating loses throughout the entire system, our ultra-efficient heat sources, consuming less energy… just do a better job!

4. Optimization:

Gone are the days where heat is manages by people yelling… “pour on the coals”!

Smart, dynamic systems are capable of measuring, delivering, monitoring, and optimizing every aspect of Thermal systems… Generating a robust, reliable, repeatable, and optimized operation.

Good-bye winter pain… Hello heat!

4) Why don’t my projects get the heat I require even though I do heat calculations and try to match equipment accordingly?

You are not alone, my friend!

That is a common complaint. Often too late to avoid massive overages when the cold weather strikes. Thermal Intelligence was created precisely to eliminate that risk.

There are 2 primary places where miscalculations can happen:

1) Using inaccurate data in your calculations. Unfortunately, there is no governing body that regulates how heater manufacturers measure their equipment performance, or what they publish for specifications.

We know from hiring 3rd party testing organizations that the performane from most heaters fall far short of their published performance data.

2) Even accurate data is published at the heat outlet of the heater.

That does not take into account the losses in CFM and Temperature that result from attaching ducting to the heater. For accurate calculations you must use the CFM and Temperature of the heat entering the structure… not leaving the heater.

Our advanced tools are designed to make those calculations for you. However, if the heater performance data has not been independently 3rd party verified, it should not be used in any heat calculation.

5) What is SmartTalk?

SmartTalk is our communication protocol that eliminates the need to “Check-on heaters”, just to make sure they are working and haven’t started anything on fire.

They’ll tell you if they need you so you can stay focused on solving problems and keeping your project on time and on budget.

6) What is “Intelligent Ops” and how is it better than just using the equipment?

Intelligence Op’s is a site wide service model that leverages massive efficiencies by exploiting the full benefits of using the superior Norther Shield heating platform.

Let’s use the following example to illustrate:

If you have 100 heaters running on your site for 5 months… Intelligent Ops offers:

- 576 fewer Oil changes

a. Save 10,000 Liters of Oil from being purchased and discarded

b. $100,000 in Oil change related savings

- 50% less refueling… a $375,000 annual savings

- 50% lower carbon tax and fuel consumption

- $1.5 million dollars in Fuel savings

- Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70,000 Metric Tons (that is equivalent to burning 390 rail cars of coal)

- 50% less “off-season” maintenance (containment, batteries, sealed unit, durable paint, corrosion resistant fittings)

- Save $150,000 in manpower confirming that heaters are operating normally

- Optimize resources by focusing them on actual problems

I have other questions! How can I contact one of your friendly heating pros?

Write, call, send a messenger pigeon! Whatever is most comfortable to you.

Head on over to our contact page for all of our contact info. Reach out any time. We'll reply fast.

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